AB Farriery is a blacksmith company run by Ashley Berry. Based in Wantage in Oxford, Ashley provides blacksmith services to riding stables, across the region.

Ashley chose my bespoke logo design services and I produced a set of initial artwork witg several logo ideas. Using market research from related industries and Ashley’s brief we honed the ideas down together. This lead us to the final logo graphics. We then evaluated fonts for the final logo design.

With every logo design I supply a logo pack with image files for use on-screen and for professional printing. I also supply colour codes and font details this ensures you can be consistent with your branding.

You can see Ashley’s farrier work here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/abfarriery/

AB Farriery logo design oxford
ab farriery logo design on clothing

AB Farriery Logo for Corporate Clothing

ab farriery business cards deliver

Double Sided Business Cards