1. Payment Terms – immediate payment on receipt of invoice please. When we have agreed a price for a project a payment of 50% is required to start the project and 50% on completion.
  2. VAT – 8woodview is not VAT registered.
  3. Content Generation – Unless otherwise agreed clients are responsible for supply of all content and material e.g. photography and text. It is essential that clients check that the collation of any information, that is required to complete the project, is achievable and can be produced within the requested time frame, before they agree to start the project.
  4. If a project or part of a campaign is put on hold or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances by the client 8woodview will uphold the right to invoice for work completed up to that point.
  5. Project ownership – i own all source files unless otherwise agreed with a client – this includes for example, Photoshop PSDs, Illustrator files and Adobe Animate FLA files. The finished artwork is the clients following final payment for a project.
  6. Deadlines – Deadlines will be approved in advance of starting a project. 8woodview cannot be held responsible for missing deadlines due to incorrect or incomplete information that is received from the client.
  7. Software – A web site can only be designed for content management and browsing software that is currently on the market. 8woodview cannot be held responsible for the introduction of new software, which may cause irregular results when the site is viewed. However, ongoing support for browser software can be built into a maintenance package.
  8. Project Sign Off – The final sign off for this project is your responsibility. 8woodview do not accept liability for any errors to this project following your final approval. This includes documents that have been sent to print.
  9. Hourly rate is subject to annual review.
  10. Author’s amends are defined as changes made by the client to a part of the project (or the entire project) following prior client approval of a stage in the project (or entire project). Author’s amends are charged at £35/hour.

You can ready my commitment to the new GDPR regulations that come in to force May 2018 here